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I totally understand. I even did it myself. When it came to hiring a vendor to perform services at my house I was guilty of calling the company I saw on TV and/or with the highest Google Advertisement. However, I have many times regretted it and as of the past couple years I only use smaller trusted firms when it comes to services around my home. And as an owner of a small (or mid-size by some definitions) pest control company I can tell you personally why it is better to work with the smaller guy.

1.) The ability to reach the owner. When dealing with smaller companies you many times can talk or email with the owner. The CEO of the national company is not getting back to you. Want to contact me? Email or

2.) We really do care. Smaller companies, especially nowadays, survive on customer reviews online (i.e. Yelp, Angie’s List). We want all our customers to be happy with their experience and it shows. Check us out on Yelp or Angie’s List. I will personally reach out to anyone who didn’t have a satisfactory experience and make it right.

3.) Little to no turnover with our techs. The bigger guys are a factory that churn thru technicians. The average shelf life of a tech at a national company is 6 months to 2 years. Many of them are not looking to make pest control a career. And who can blame them? They are forced to work longer hours for very little pay. Not us. I take pride my technicians the best in the state. They deserve it. They work tirelessly day in and day out to take care of pest issues. Pest control isn’t for everyone but these guys love it. We take care of them. The result? They don’t leave. We have guys who are making this a career. Because of this we have techs who really care about accounts because they know they have to see these people continuously and are not going anywhere.

4.) Less overhead means more savings for you. We don’t have an enormous office complex or fancy trucks. We spend our money on techs and product. We spend our money on the tools to the best job for our customers. We spend our money on talent. We don’t buy yachts and $100k cars with our profits. We invest it back into the company so everyone can take care of their families. This is why we charge less. We actually use more product and equipment than the big guys. It isn’t all about number with us. We want to build a relationship or a partnership that can last over the years.

5.) You don’t have to “press 1” for customer service. You can reach our office any time of day. We have real (and actually employees) people answering the phone. If it happens to go to voicemail (because we are on other line) we will get right back to you. We check emails all throughout the day as well. We don’t just work 9-5. We have the company set up so that you can always reach someone and not talking to an answering service or some rep across the country.

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